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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I started this class not knowing it was based around a short film. If I could redo this class it would definitely be not during a major class like senior 2. Anyway, I came up with the premise for this film, which is on a much larger scale, in concept design. I then asked myself, what part of this idea can I turn into a short piece. And then it hit me. George Washington is most famous for, with the exception of cherry trees, Valley Forge, wooden teeth, and never lieing, for crossing the Delaware.

I then redesigned the George character, as I knew the original wasnt very good. I came up with something that I think goes very well with the semi serious, but mostly funny idea i have in my head. After that I did some quick storyboards, and on to the artsy stuff.

If i could change anything about this project, the main thing is I would animate it traditionally, since that is what im most comfortable with, and then import the files into illustrator for color. I would definitely have someone else do the backgrounds for me, cuz ill be honest, im not very good at that stuff. Id also try and consult with someone about overall colors, for this film that i turned in, i just kinda was throwing "whatever" colors in it. Another thing I would change, is i would go back and animate all the little things, for instance when he crashes on the boats, i want them to go into the water, and break and stuff. I also want to put other sailors on those boats, along with water splashes when the water is disturbed.

All in all, id say what i turned in can for now be considered a film, but later it will become a rough animatic for what i really want it to look like, and you know what, im cool with that, because now im excited for a film, which has never happened for me.

FINAL submit

well, i didnt make it to the last scene, and due to some stupid western digital hard drive issues, it no longer has any sound, hurrayyyy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

minus sound, an animtic

heres what it will look like, minus the motion tweens, i plan on going in and animating those for real

Monday, March 9, 2009

All scenes are for all intents and purposes, animated

alright, so, as far as this class goes, this project is animated. ideally id like to go back in, and where i have motion tweens, animate everything for real. Some of the arcs need to be fixed, but as a rough animation, ill let it slide for now. Next im going to go in and try and get at least one scene colored, just to show what itll look like. O snap, and while this beast is processing, i just remembered that i forgot to finish the second scene, so i guess ill do that first, then the color.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

some more shit

alright, so now the scenes go in the right order, cept i put what is supposed to happen in the third scene, in the 1st, so that way i didnt have to make another scene, since its the same one...if that makes sense, so anyway this is the order, scene one till when george pauses, then to two, then back to one for the second half of what is happening, then to the third one, enjoy.

3rd scene rough riding

alright the third scene is roughed in, this is what it looks like

and dont forget, right when george stops in the first shot, he should cut to the third shot, and then back to the second one...dont forget

Monday, March 2, 2009

second scene

ok so im not sure what happened, but imagine, that after george stops moving in the first shot, that it cuts to the third shot, with no pause in the beginning, and then after that comes back to this first shot, where he will jump off of this snowy bank, leading into what is now the second shot(supposed to be the third one), where he will be jumping from boat to boat.


Weekend? What weekend? o thats right, i was working on senior 2 and some stupid research paper.....which is 8 pages.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second BG

Second BG is almost done............F Y I.


So good ol' George jumps into frame, then he begins to roar like a lion, where it will then cut to the next scene. unfortunately i ripped the wrong part of the file that my lion roar is on, so ill have to redo it for next time. the roar is coming from mgm lion himself.

Monday, February 23, 2009

background jobbie


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


blog blog blog blog blog blog.

Monday, February 16, 2009





Its Monday, Its Monday, Its Monday

Let me lay it on the line, he had two on the vine.
I mean two sets of testicles, so divine.
On a horse made of crystal, he patrolled the land,
With a mason ring and schnauzer in his perfect hand

Had a pocket full of horses, fucked the shit out of bears.
Threw a knife into Heaven, and could kill with a stare.
He made love like an eagle falling out of the sky.
Killed his sensei in a duel and never said why.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Muther Flippin Character



     George Washington crossing the Delaware Short

                                                          By Joshua Graul


GEORGE crashes into the frame, splashing snow in several directions

                                                GEORGE WASHINGTON

                                                  (Roars like a wild man)


GEORGE jumps down the snowy bank toward the DELEWARE RIVER.



 GEORGE jumps from boat to boat along the DELAWARE until he reaches the front boat, which resembles, almost exactly, the boat from Emanuel Leutze’s painting from 1851, where everything will slow down in an extreme slowmo sequence.  When GEORGE eases into the classic pose, everything will speed back up, catapulting everyone else in the boat into the frigid water, while GEORGE, continues offscreen to the other side of the riverbank.



GEORGE is jumping extremely high, lost in the sun, when he suddenly comes crashing down onto land.  He explodes up ripping his shirt off exposing his chest hair, which is in the shape of an eagle.

                                                  GEORGE WASHINGTON

                        Beeeeennnnneeeeeeeeeeet (Bennett, his bird/sidekick)

not really sure how do post this in the format thats in the pdf, but here it is nonetheless.

Character Design

Alright my character design for Washington is finished for about a week now, unfortunately my scanner isnt big enough to scan the images, so ill have to take them to class tom(Mon Feb 16) and scan them in there.


Just in case my premise wasnt clear the first time, here we go again.

George Washington will be my character, and he will be crossing the deleware, but not in your classical sense.  watch it when its done to see what i mean.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


first rotoscope....boring.

second rotoscope....equally as lame.

Mother Flippin Wed.

Alright, so all the tutorials are supposed to be finished by the end of the week. Does that mean fri, or today? who knows?, nobody. Will I be finished.......maybe, ill get pretty close at the least. I have the second rotoscope, lipsync and walk cycle left to do, hoping to get either the walk, or the rotoscope done in class.

Also, might be doing an independent study next quarter with Prof. John Webber. Super excited about it. fingers crossed, he'll be able to squeez me into his schedule.

Monday, February 2, 2009

other jump

so heres my other jump, i really dislike this puppet style. maybe its because i should have made more little pieces, or maybe i just need to get used to it, but coming from out of a purely traditional class setup, i hate really hate it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

some puppet jumps

alright im gonna post this puppet jump twice, one i tried using the motion tween, which to me it seems like if your not animating on ones in flash, you kinda need em. the second one is a combination of ones and twos, but it looks kinda choppy.  im not sure if i like either one, hopefully my own puppet turns out better.

Friday, January 30, 2009

that other bouncing ball

heres that other bouncing ball i promised.
i used the ease slider for this

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this is for my mom

this is unrelated to digital cel, however, i think my mom reads this, and she hasnt seen this one yet. its not finished, but i hope to remedy that during my portfolio class next quarter.

while im at it, i might as well throw up the dialogue i did for this class too, which is 2d character.

dont mind that second character, i had to put it in to meet the assignment requirements. my plan is to go in and redo that part, and add a third shot at the end on top of actually finishing this!

bouncing ball

guess i promised id put these bouncing ball videos up, unfortunately i only have one, since i keep leaving the other file at home. o well. heres one anyways.

done with the graph edit...done with ease in slider coming soon.


started that last class...its as lame as i always imagined it.

Wed Morning, WHAT UP

so last night i storyboarded what i think i'm going to do for this final project. here's the rundown: good ol' george washington is going to meander up to the bank of the ever famous delaware river. he is going to look down, and test the water with his feet. not liking the temperature, he is going to let out a lion like roar, proceeded by him jumping from boat to boat destroying them all, until he makes it safely over to the other side. i have some rough thumbnails, but theyre at home...use your imagination.

Monday, January 26, 2009


oh. were supposed to put our finished things on here....i guess that makes sense. hmmm, ill do that later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

ok, so i shoulda posted this right when it happened.

In film? is it 24 frames, or 34 frames? WHAT.......asjdafioaweriojasdklj??!?!?!?!?!/
are you kidding me?


Alright long time no blog. Like I've said before i have this sweet idea for small animation, George Washington. Thats right, Americas number one hombre. So I dont have all the details down, but what I do know, is that good old George is going to be one hulk of a person, with an itsy bitsy I. Q.
I also have no idea what the story will be about yet, however i do know that in one scene, George will be crossing the Delaware. In the scene, he will be jumping from boat to boat, destroying every single one of his comrades. When we get to that classic scene, painted by Emanuel Leutze, there will be freeze frame, with a fairly long pause, before that boat gets destroyed.

So maybe that isnt the most textbook premise, but its all i got, cut me some slack.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quality images that get me all hot and bothered.

Charles Vess, trees like whoa.

these next images are from aubrey beardsley

inspirational videos

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Dear World,

....BLOG. Alright so I've just been shown what is expected of me in my digital cell animation class. Throughout the quarter it looks like we are supposed to create some sort of short film using either digital pro, or flash. It seems as though there may be some controversy on which program we may be using.

Already I think I have a sweet idea. George Washington. You really cant go wrong with the first president. Yeah, George Washington. Maybe I'll have him fight Abraham. TBD.

Graul out.