Friday, January 30, 2009

that other bouncing ball

heres that other bouncing ball i promised.
i used the ease slider for this

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this is for my mom

this is unrelated to digital cel, however, i think my mom reads this, and she hasnt seen this one yet. its not finished, but i hope to remedy that during my portfolio class next quarter.

while im at it, i might as well throw up the dialogue i did for this class too, which is 2d character.

dont mind that second character, i had to put it in to meet the assignment requirements. my plan is to go in and redo that part, and add a third shot at the end on top of actually finishing this!

bouncing ball

guess i promised id put these bouncing ball videos up, unfortunately i only have one, since i keep leaving the other file at home. o well. heres one anyways.

done with the graph edit...done with ease in slider coming soon.


started that last class...its as lame as i always imagined it.

Wed Morning, WHAT UP

so last night i storyboarded what i think i'm going to do for this final project. here's the rundown: good ol' george washington is going to meander up to the bank of the ever famous delaware river. he is going to look down, and test the water with his feet. not liking the temperature, he is going to let out a lion like roar, proceeded by him jumping from boat to boat destroying them all, until he makes it safely over to the other side. i have some rough thumbnails, but theyre at home...use your imagination.

Monday, January 26, 2009


oh. were supposed to put our finished things on here....i guess that makes sense. hmmm, ill do that later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

ok, so i shoulda posted this right when it happened.

In film? is it 24 frames, or 34 frames? WHAT.......asjdafioaweriojasdklj??!?!?!?!?!/
are you kidding me?


Alright long time no blog. Like I've said before i have this sweet idea for small animation, George Washington. Thats right, Americas number one hombre. So I dont have all the details down, but what I do know, is that good old George is going to be one hulk of a person, with an itsy bitsy I. Q.
I also have no idea what the story will be about yet, however i do know that in one scene, George will be crossing the Delaware. In the scene, he will be jumping from boat to boat, destroying every single one of his comrades. When we get to that classic scene, painted by Emanuel Leutze, there will be freeze frame, with a fairly long pause, before that boat gets destroyed.

So maybe that isnt the most textbook premise, but its all i got, cut me some slack.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quality images that get me all hot and bothered.

Charles Vess, trees like whoa.

these next images are from aubrey beardsley

inspirational videos

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Dear World,

....BLOG. Alright so I've just been shown what is expected of me in my digital cell animation class. Throughout the quarter it looks like we are supposed to create some sort of short film using either digital pro, or flash. It seems as though there may be some controversy on which program we may be using.

Already I think I have a sweet idea. George Washington. You really cant go wrong with the first president. Yeah, George Washington. Maybe I'll have him fight Abraham. TBD.

Graul out.