Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I started this class not knowing it was based around a short film. If I could redo this class it would definitely be not during a major class like senior 2. Anyway, I came up with the premise for this film, which is on a much larger scale, in concept design. I then asked myself, what part of this idea can I turn into a short piece. And then it hit me. George Washington is most famous for, with the exception of cherry trees, Valley Forge, wooden teeth, and never lieing, for crossing the Delaware.

I then redesigned the George character, as I knew the original wasnt very good. I came up with something that I think goes very well with the semi serious, but mostly funny idea i have in my head. After that I did some quick storyboards, and on to the artsy stuff.

If i could change anything about this project, the main thing is I would animate it traditionally, since that is what im most comfortable with, and then import the files into illustrator for color. I would definitely have someone else do the backgrounds for me, cuz ill be honest, im not very good at that stuff. Id also try and consult with someone about overall colors, for this film that i turned in, i just kinda was throwing "whatever" colors in it. Another thing I would change, is i would go back and animate all the little things, for instance when he crashes on the boats, i want them to go into the water, and break and stuff. I also want to put other sailors on those boats, along with water splashes when the water is disturbed.

All in all, id say what i turned in can for now be considered a film, but later it will become a rough animatic for what i really want it to look like, and you know what, im cool with that, because now im excited for a film, which has never happened for me.


  1. I think any animator in retrospect wishes they had animated more sea men.
    Thanks for sharing your animation, I hope you get around to finishing it.

  2. I want to see that electrified eagle-shaped chest-hair! >:D

  3. Dude, I LOVE your epic Washington! You better friend me on facebook hardcore so I can see it when it's done! XD